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 Please choose from the following options


Full English Breakfast

Bacon, Pork Sausage, Egg (fried, poached or scrambled)

Mushrooms, Tomato and Baked Beans

 Full English - Breakfast at the Jolly Sailor 

Vegetarian Full English Breakfast

Two Vegetarian Sausages, Eggs (fried, poached or scrambled),

Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Baked Beans

Vegetarian - Breakfast at the Jolly Sailor 

Continental Breakfast

Selection of Cheeses, Ham, Salami,

 Sliced Tomato and Fresh Cooked Rolls

Continental - Breakfast at the Jolly Sailor

Fish Options

Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs


Haddock and Poached Eggs

(Whilst every care has been taken to remove bones, some may remain)

Salmon - Breakfast at the Jolly Sailor    Haddock - Breakfast at the Jolly Sailor

Other Options

Fried, Poached or Scrambled Eggs on Toast


Accompanied with as much of these as you like...


Apple or Orange Juice

Corn Flakes, Fruit and Fibre, Weetabix, Rice Krispies or Muesli

Porridge served plain or with Honey

Selection of Fruit or Yeo Valley Organic Yoghurt

Wholemeal or White toast with preserves

Coffee (full strength or decaffeinated) or Tea (PG Tips, Earl Grey, Green or decaffeinated)


Wherever possible only the best local produce is used. The Bacon and Sausages come from a renowned Cornish butcher and the eggs are free range.